DD National (DD-1) Shows / Programs / Serials List

Here you can find today's DD National (DD-1) channel shows a list with a timetable. You can also change to inform us about this DD-1 schedule. You can also find these details in EPG-enabled set-top boxes, just press the info button from your remote. 

DD National became once again no.1 channel in the lockdown of 2020, DD National added best TV serials/programs. You can check DD-1 serial list and timing here.

Todays Schedule - DD National TV shows / Programs / Serials List 2021

Please note: There is the same schedule for DD National HD channel.

What is playing on DD National now?

Timing Program Name
5:00 AM Aaradhana
5:30 AM Vande Mataram
5:31 AM Sacred Chants
6:00 AM Aarti
6:30  AM Yog Vigyan
7:00 AM Aaradhana
7:30 AM  Gali Gali Sim Sim
8:00 AM Draupadi
9:00 AM Shri Ganesh
10:00 AM Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar
11:30 PM Kyuki ..
 Jeena Iski ka Naam Hai
12:00 PM Mera Desh Bulaye Re
12:30 PM Tumhari - Ek Parmpara
1:00 PM Humnawaz
1:30 PM Mangalsutra Ek Maryada
2:00 PM Sukanya Hamari Betiyan
2:30 PM Hari Mirchi, Laal Mirchi
3:00 PM Bin Bitiya Swarg Adhoora
3:30 PM Collector Bahu
4:00 PM Nayi Soch
4:30 PM Gaon Hunter Babu Ka
4:55 PM SoS
5:00 PM Aarti
5:30 PM Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar
5:55 PM SoS
6:00 PM Neelam Ki Angoothi
7:00 PM Chandramukhi
8:00 PM Draupadi
9:00 PM Shri Ganesh
10:00 PM Na Hausala Harenge Hum
10:30 PM Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara
11:00 PM Bin Bitiya Swarg Adhoora
11:30 PM Collector Bahu
12:00 AM Mera Desh Bulaye Re
12:30 PM Mangalsutra .. Ek Maryada

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